To Mystiko tou Kokinou Spitiou (Greek Easy Readers - Stage 5)

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To Mystiko tou Kokinou Spitiou (Greek Easy Readers - Stage 5).

These "Greek Easy Readers" are original stories written in simple language to give the student of Modern Greek the possibility to read a text without the help of a dictionary.

They include vocabularies in Greek, English, French and German, as well as various exercises and answer keys.

In a provincial town the old red-brick house has been keeping its secrets for twenty years. A mysterious judge, his weird sister, some dusty old manuscripts, and a murder bring back an old, forgotten, or perhaps conveniently buried, story.

Latest edition.

Published in 2011, 4th edition, paperback, 86 pages, 16.5x12cm.

ISBN 9789607914132

Author - Argiro Margariti

Publisher - Deltos Publishing

  • Publisher  Ekdoseis Deltos
  • ISBN  9789607914132