Le città impossibili + online audio. A1-A2

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Le città impossibili + online audio.

A1-A2 Levels.

A trip to Italy through the eyes of a foreigner. In the Bel Paese every city has its own precise character: but is it really true? By visiting a different city each time, the traveler has special encounters, funny or strange experiences and observes with irony a country that has many souls and many particularities.

A new series of graded readings, in a new full-colour format and with the possibility of free online access to the audio version of the text, with the voices of professional actors and realistic and engaging sound effects.
The audio version allows you to better enjoy the story. it is also useful for improving listening comprehension, intonation and pronunciation.

The series features numerous unpublished titles as well as the new edition of the best readings from the old series.
Each story is integrated with comprehension tests, exercises and teaching activities.

The texts are graded in five levels and allow the non-native speaker student to discover the pleasure of reading in Italian, while honing their linguistic knowledge.

Published in 2023, paperback, 64 pages + audio online, 21x15cm

ISBN 9788861823716

Author - Maurizio Sandrini

Publisher - ALMA Edizioni

  • Publisher  ALMA Edizioni
  • ISBN  9788861823716