Czech Step-by-Step 2. Workbook 2 - lessons 11-20

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Czech Step-by-Step 2. Workbook 2 - lessons 11-20.

Level B1.

There are a number of activities to practice the communication skills, vocabulary, and grammar dealt with in each lesson, accompanied by monochrome photographs and illustrations.

The structure of the publication is similar to that of Part 1.

For better orientation, each exercise is marked with the relevant page number and exercise in the textbook. More challenging exercises are marked with a plus sign, indicating those which go beyond the B1 level and are suitable for alternative use by motivated students or those whose native language is Slavic.

At the end of each lesson is once again a page devoted to spelling - in this part, primarily the correct use of i and y.

Answers to a majority of the exercises can be found in the key at the end of the book.

The workbook is therefore suitable for classwork as well as self-study.

Czech title - "Cesky Krok za Krokem"


Published in 2019, paperback, 211 pages, 29x23cm.

ISBN 9788074701085

Author - Zdena Mala

Publisher - Akropolis

  • Publisher  Akropolis
  • ISBN  9788074701085