Klik sta Ellinika C1 - Modern Greek Certification C1 Exams. With 2 CDs - Click on Greek C1

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Innovative modern textbook for learning Greek.

Book and 2 audio CDs.

A practical implementation of the principles underlying the new Comprehensive Examination Syllabus for the C1 level.

Contains four comprehensive series of sample exam papers, each of which tests the skills of -

    1. Reading comprehension
    2. Use of language
    3. Listening comprehension
    4. Writing
    5. Speaking. 

    Note - book is in Greek language - there is no English language text.


      Published in 2016, paperback, 192 pages, 29.5x21cm.

      ISBN  9789607779748

      Author - Karakyrgiou, M. & Panagiotidou, V.

      Publisher - Greek Language Centre, Greece

      • Publisher  Greek Language Centre
      • ISBN  9789607779748