Greek Now 1+1 Course - Book and Audio Download

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Greek Now 1+1 Course - Book and Audio Download.

Includes: dialogues, texts, exercises, grammar rules (in English), vocabulary (Greek-English & English-Greek).

NOTE - Apart from specific instances above, all text is in Greek language - there is no English language in the bulk of the book.

NOTE - This is a NEW EDITION (the old one had audio CDs, this one does not have audio CDs - instead it has an audio download and replaces the old edition (old edition ISBN 9789607317209)

Published in 2022, paperback, 324 pages, 24x17cm.

ISBN 9789607317254

Authors - Dimitra, D. & Papaheimona, M.

Publisher - Nostos

  • Publisher  Nostos
  • ISBN  9789607317254