Peripetia sti Mani (Greek Easy Readers - Stage 4)

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Peripetia sti Mani (Greek Easy Readers - Stage 4).

These "Greek Easy Readers" are original stories written in simple language to give the student of Modern Greek the possibility to read a text without the help of a dictionary.

They include vocabularies in Greek, English, French and German, as well as various exercises and answer keys.

Four young people meet in Mani, in south Peloponnese, twenty years ago. Things happen in the small village and the newly discovered cave, two of the group fall in love, and then comes the earthquake.


Published in 2020, 6th edition, paperback, 63 pages, 16.5x12cm.

ISBN 9789607914125

Author - Neni Kolethra

Publisher - Ekdoseis Deltos