Kiliki a Foldon - Book 2 - Hungarian course for children + downloadable audio

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Kiliki a Foldon - Book 2 - Hungarian course for children.

This second volume continues the story and is written primarily for 10-14 year olds who can write and read Hungarian at a basic level, or who have completed the material of the first volume. 

The comic story is slowly being replaced by a sequel, in which new characters from both the terrestrial and alma worlds take the stage. The world is also expanding, in addition to the capital, we also reach other parts of Hungary.

The set of exercises retains the well-established types of practices of the first volume, but at the same time it becomes richer with age and becomes more serious. 

The volume continues to prioritise the teaching of the pragmatic set of tools needed for everyday communication, as well as developing spelling and reading skills through coherent texts.

Textbook - as a continuous story, with various grammatical and lexical exercises, tasks for the development of listening comprehension, oral and written expressiveness, the acquisition of correct Hungarian speech, cultural supplementary materials.

Audio - free downloadable material - with the text of the readings, as well as exercises to develop comprehension and speech.

Published in 2018, paperback, 236 pages, 29.5x21cm.

ISBN 9789630596527

Authors - Grof Annamaria and colleagues

Publisher - Akademiai Kiado

  • Publisher  Akademiai Kiado
  • ISBN  9789630596527