Taxidi Stin Ellada 1 - A1 A2 - Journey to Greece Course Book

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Taxidi Stin Ellada 1 - Journey to Greece Course Book.

Level A1 A2.

NOTE - Only Greek text/writing - there is no English text/writing in this book.

The book is addressed to those who teach and are taught Greek as a second or foreign language. 

This is a textbook that focuses on students who belong to the level of beginners (A1-A2) and attend fast-paced and short cycles of lessons for learning Modern Greek.

- 20 Modules / Various communication situations / Current issues / Familiarity with Greek culture.
- Activities for comprehension and production skills of oral and written speech, vocabulary and grammar.
- Downloadable audio file with dialogues and audio comprehension exercises.
- Appendix with the solutions of the exercises. 

Published in 2021, revised edition, paperback, 302 pages, 28x20cm.

ISBN 9789603337546

Authors - E. Gareli, E. Kapoula, Nestoratou, E. Pritsi, N. Roubis and G. Sykara

Publisher - Grigoris Books

  • Publisher  Grigoris Books
  • ISBN  9789603337546