Aula Internacional Plus 5 - Libro del alumno (B2.2)

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Aula Internacional Plus 5 - Libro del alumno (B2.2).

Discover the favourite Spanish manual for teachers and students.

International Classroom Plus 5 offers you:

 - More grammatical reflection activities, with carefully reviewed explanations and examples;
 - More practice activities, to reinforce student learning.
 - More videos, integrated throughout each unit and with a final video to close it.
 - More attention to the lexicon, with a new section to collect and work on vocabulary in a personal and meaningful way and a new, very visual page.
 - Greater integration of culture naturally in all documents and activities of the unit.
 - A revised and expanded grammar, both within the units and in the More Grammar section.
- An even more interactive experience, with all the digital resources of International Classroom Plus on Campus Diversión

Published in 2022, paperback, 200 pages, 27x22cm.

ISBN 9788418224898

Authors - J. Corpas, , A. Garmendia & N. Sanchez

Publisher - Difusion

  • Publisher  Difusion
  • ISBN  9788418224898