I verbi italiani - edizione aggiornata (A1-C1) + online audio

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I verbi italiani - edizione aggiornata. Book + online audio.

A1 - C1 Levels.

New edition - book with online audio.

This updated edition offers:

- updated texts

- new exercises

- audio texts (available in this tab or accessible via Qrcode) useful for review and to delve deeper into phonetics and intonation

A complete and effective workbook entirely dedicated to the study of Italian verbs.

Through an agile educational path, based on clear and essential cards and on various and stimulating exercises, the student is guided to discover the tenses and verbal forms of the Italian language.

From the regular and irregular forms of the present indicative to the use of the perfect and imperfect past, from the "tricks" for the correct choice of auxiliaries to the "secrets" of the subjunctive, from the agreement of moods and tenses to the particularities of phraseological verbs, the The text addresses many of the topics usually considered critical by foreigners studying the Italian language, providing learning strategies and useful advice.

The text is suitable for students of all levels(elementary, intermediate and advanced) and is organized according to units of progressive difficulty.

The cards present the various verb tenses both from a morphological point of view (highlighting the particularities of the forms) and from a functional point of view (clarifying the reasons for their use). The exercises, in addition to "training" the student in the use of verbs, offer a large amount of information about Italy.

Games, quizzes and tests enrich the text's offering, helping to design a varied and original educational path.

Useful reference tables and solutions to all the exercises complete the volume.


Published 2023, paperback, 28x21cm, 176 pages 

ISBN 9788861827691

Authors - Silvia Consonno & Sonia Bailini

Publisher - ALMA Edizioni

  • Publisher  ALMA Edizioni
  • ISBN  9788861827691