Reporteros internacionales 2 - Libro del alumno + audio download. A1/A2

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Reporteros internacionales 2 - Libro del alumno + audio download.

Level A1/A2.

Reporteros internacionales 2 is a Spanish manual that makes it easy for teenagers from all over the world to get closer to today's Hispanic world.


Units led by young reporters from Spain and Latin America.
Agile work sequences that are completed with an entertaining final project.
A natural and very careful linguistic progression.
Numerous playful activities to encourage oral interaction in the classroom. • Special attention to the cultural reality of the Hispanic world.
Spaces to develop intercultural and civic skills.
Fun mind maps.
A section dedicated to study and learning strategies.

Published in 2022, paperback, 160 pages, 30x22cm.

ISBN 9788416943807

Authors - Delphine Rouchy, Virginie Auberger Stucklé, Sandrine Debras, Carolina Hamon Díaz, Sergio No Díaz, Roussel, Leen Decaluwe & Sylvie Baudequin

Publisher - Difusion

  • Publisher  Difusion
  • ISBN  9788416943807