DaF kompakt A1-B1 + 3 audio CDs - 9783126761802 - Front Cover

DaF kompakt A1-B1 + 3 audio CDs.

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DaF kompakt A1-B1 + 3 audio CDs.

A1 - B1 Levels.

The course book with 3 audio CDs offers:
30 lessons, divided into levels A1 (8 lessons), A2 (10 lessons) and B1 (12 lessons).
3 double-page spreads per lesson and 1 double-page overview of lesson vocabulary, grammar and idioms
Clear assignment of optional descriptions to double pages
Examination-relevant task types of the German certificate integrated and marked in the B1 part

DaF compact , the beginner's textbook for learners who want to quickly reach level B1, guides adults in a volume from A1 to B1.

The course is based on the Common European Framework of Reference, is compact and leads to rapid learning success thanks to its steep progression.

The learners can find themselves in the completed lesson stories. DaF compact prepares for real everyday situations and communication, contains topics from DA-CH-L and addresses cultural differences. Project tasks in the workbook encourage learner activity.

Paperback, 256 pages.

ISBN 9783126761802

Publisher - Klett

Authors - Birgit Braun, Margit Doubek, Andrea Frater, Nadja Fügert, Ilse Sander, Ulrike Trebesius-Bensch & Rosanna Vitale

  • Publisher  Klett
  • ISBN  9783126761802