Czytaj 4 - Polski Krok po Kroku 4

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Czytaj 4 - Polski Krok po Kroku 4

Part of the Krok po Kroku (Polish Step by Step) series.

Level A1.

Collection of short stories at the A1 level for those who want to improve their Polish and complement their vocabulary range.

Includes link to download audio recordings for this book.

Discover the stories from the everyday life of the popular characters introduced in the series “POLSKI krok po kroku” – Mami, Javier, Angela, Tom and Uwe – as well as the Maj and Nowak families.

See how their relationships intertwine. Accompany them to learn the Polish language, discover Poland, explore the similarities and differences between the cultures of different countries, and simply have fun!

5 modules with 2 stories as well as exercises consolidating the grammatical and lexical material from a given text (answer key included at the end of the book).

Includes translations of more advanced words and phrases in the margin.

After each module you will find a glossary containing the lexical material you should master at this level. It will facilitate learning and revision of vocabulary.

You can also use the Polish-English glossary at the end of the book, where the lexical material from the whole book has been collected in alphabetical order.

By listening to the recordings, you can improve your listening skills or practice pronunciation and intonation on your own.


Published in 2021, paperback, 80 pages, 23.5 x 16.5cm.

ISBN 9788395852435

Author - Anna Stelmach

Publisher - Glossa Polish Language School

  • Publisher  Glossa Polish Language School
  • ISBN  9788395852435