Raupo Book of Maori Proverbs

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Raupo Book of Maori Proverbs.

English-Maori & Maori-English.

Proverbs (or whakatauki) express the wisdom, wit and commonsense of the Maori people.

They are of great value and inspiration to writers, story-tellers and anyone speaking in a Maori setting.

Several hundred proverbs are contained in The Raupo Book of Maori Proverbs, categorised under a large number of diverse headings, with translations and explanations in English.

This comprehensive and dependable book serves as both a useful reference and an insight into values of the Maori.

Published in 2012, paperback, 192 pages, 20x13cm.

ISBN 9780143567912

Authors - Brougham, A. E, Reed A.W. & Karetu, T.

Publisher - Raupo

  • Publisher  Raupo
  • ISBN  9780143567912