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Panorama · Deutsch als Fremdsprache

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Panorama · Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

A1 Level.

You can play the media for the textbook such as audios, videos and interactive exercises using the free Cornelsen PagePlayer app or stream and download them in the web codes at

The course book contains a printed license code for free activation of the e-book and the interactive exercises on The media can be accessed via click points on the book page.

The course book -   

  • The learning content and language actions are conveyed using realistic dialogues as well as reading and listening texts.
  • Picture strips present the word fields as a picture lexicon.
  • Interesting reading texts with a regional aspect at the end of the units offer insight into everyday life in German-speaking countries.
  • The generously illustrated panorama pages provide further opportunities for discussion and bring regional content directly into Glesson.erman as a foreign language lesson.

Published in 2022, paperback, 166 pages, 29.5x21cm.

ISBN 9783061204822

Publisher - Cornelsen, Germany

  • Publisher  Cornelsen
  • ISBN  9783061204822