Via del Corso A2: 2 audio CDs + DVD + online IDEE access code

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Via del Corso A2: 2 audio CDs + DVD + online IDEE access code.

Libro dello studente ed esercizi.

A2 Level.

Includes unique IDEE online access code printed on inside of title page.

Please see back cover image for more information.

Via del Corso is addressed to adult students of A2 level.

It is an innovative Italian language and culture course. It is divided into four levels, and revolves around a story that takes place, in this volume, in Florence and Rome.

The story has a strong impact on students: it intrigues and motivates them while it creates excitement and empathy, acting as a catalyst for the learning process.

It is a noir comedy narrated through a sit-com and a graphic novel. Video and comic strips are fully integrated in the structure of the course and do not just represent an extra resource. Students are directly involved as they can themselves choose the ending of the story.

Published in 2018, paperback, 256 pages, 21x29cm.

ISBN 9788898433827

Publisher - Edilingua

Authors - Telis Marin & Pierangela Diadori

  • Publisher  Edilingua
  • ISBN  9788898433827