Latvian in Three Months - A concise Latvian course

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  • Course book for beginners and those wishing to refresh or renew their Latvian language skills, aimed at learning the basics quickly, in a gradual step-by-step way. 
  • This book includes dialogues on a variety of themes.
  • Principles of Latvian grammar, explained in a simple and comprehensive way.
  • Exercises that will help you to master the study material.
  • Words and expressions to be memorised in the end of each Module.
  • Latvian-English and English-Latvian Vocabularies.
  • A great book for learning Latvian.

Published in 2017, paperback, 215 pages, 21.5x13.5cm.

ISBN 9789934003424

Author - Dace Dumpe

Publisher - Zvaigzne ABC

  • Publisher  Zvaigzne ABC
  • ISBN  9789934003424