Ruslan "Kuda idyosh" board game for learners of Russian

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A new high quality board game for learners of Russian.

Players start at СТАРТ and have to get to ФИНИШ. Before each throw of the dice they have to answer the questions "Где ты? Куда ты идёшь?".

If they land where they wanted to, they get another go. If they land on СТОП they miss a go.

If they land on a question square they answer a question about what they are doing there.

If they land on the same square as another player they say hello and have a chat in Russian.

If they land on ПОЛИЦИЯ they get a ПРОПУСК which allows them through the short route "ПРОХОД ЗАКРЫТ".

The board is 44 x 32 cm to fit on a classroom table. It comes folded in a strong plastic folder with dice, counters and ПРОПУСК cards.


Published in 2018

ISBN 9781912397044

Author - John Langran

Publisher - Ruslan Limited

  • Publisher  Ruslan Russian
  • ISBN  9781912397044