DELF junior/scolaire - Nouveau format d'épreuves (B1) - 9782016286418 - front cover

DELF junior/scolaire B1 - Nouveau format d'épreuves

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DELF junior/scolaire B1 - Nouveau format d'épreuves.

Level B1.

Get ready for the new DELF Scolaire and Junior B1 test format.

Throughout this book, you will be supported in your preparation for the DELF B1 thanks to:
a detailed discovery of each skill;

Guided and progressive activities to fully understand the diploma exercises;

Advice, tips or references to the lexicon or speech acts over the 200 corrected activities;

Assessments at the end of each skill to identify your strengths or those to improve;

Mock tests at the end of the book and on the collection site to practice in the real conditions of the exam;

Presentation videos of the collective tests and the individual test to be ready on the day of the exam.

Published in 2021, paperback,160 pages.

ISBN 9782016286418

Authors - Pascal Biras, Nelly Mous & Sara Azevedo 

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782016286418