Guide to Czech Grammar - Cestina extra

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Guide to Czech Grammar - Cestina extra.

Written for students who want to practice, learn and reinforce basic Czech grammar.

Level A1-A2.

It draws and expands on various points from standard textbooks for beginners. 

It is a clear, systematic and practical manual on how to use Czech. 

The grammar explanations and accompanying exercises are on opposite pages for easy reference

Typical and frequently occurring mistakes are pointed out

The cases are highlighted using colour coding, which efficiently draws your attention to their usage

The grammar is presented in a natural context. The examples and exercises are full of useful phrases, which can immediately be used in daily life

Differences between standard and everyday Czech are shown

All grammar points required for active beginner level (A1) use are covered in detail

More advanced grammar features (A2) are also covered, which should increase your passive knowledge of more complex use of spoken and written Czech

There are 50 lessons in total, each starting with a simple, clear explanation written in simple Czech followed by exercises.

The book also includes a grammar appendix, colourful charts of declension, an overview of cases, prepositions and verbs, a Czech-English glossary on grammar terms and instructions used in the lessons.

Cestina Extra can be used both for self-study and in the classroom.


Published in 2012, paperback, 244 pages, 24x17cm.

ISBN 9788074700057

Author - Jana Harperova

Publisher - Akropolis

  • Publisher  Akropolis
  • ISBN  9788074700057