Guide to Czech Grammar - Cestina extra

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Guide to Czech Grammar - Cestina extra.

Written for students who want to practice, learn and reinforce basic Czech grammar.


  • It draws and expands on various points from standard textbooks for beginners. 
  • It is a clear, systematic and practical manual on how to use Czech. 
  • The grammar explanations and accompanying exercises are on opposite pages for easy reference
  • Typical and frequently occurring mistakes are pointed out
  • The cases are highlighted using colour coding, which efficiently draws your attention to their usage
  • The grammar is presented in a natural context. The examples and exercises are full of useful phrases, which can immediately be used in daily life
  • Differences between standard and everyday Czech are shown
  • All grammar points required for active beginner level (A1) use are covered in detail
  • More advanced grammar features (A2) are also covered, which should increase your passive knowledge of more complex use of spoken and written Czech
  • There are 50 lessons in total, each starting with a simple, clear explanation written in simple Czech followed by exercises.
  • The book also includes a grammar appendix, colourful charts of declension, an overview of cases, prepositions and verbs, a Czech-English glossary on grammar terms and instructions used in the lessons.
  • Cestina Extra can be used both for self-study and in the classroom.


Published in 2012, paperback, 244 pages, 24x17cm.

ISBN 9788074700057

Author - Jana Harperova

Publisher - Akropolis, Czech Republic

  • Publisher  Akropolis
  • ISBN  9788074700057