Nos vemos hoy 1 - Edición para estudiantes - 9788418625169 - Front cover

Nos vemos hoy 1 - Edición para estudiantes

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Nos vemos hoy 1 - Edición para estudiantes.

Level A1.

NOS VEMOS HOY is a manual to discover the Spanish-speaking world and learn to communicate in everyday life situations . The manual offers short and agile didactic sequences that culminate in a final task , fun videos with activities for before, during and after viewing, a section dedicated to fixing the most important lexicon , a culture section focused on a Spanish-speaking country , a complete summary of grammatical and communicative content , and a review unit every three units.

To live an even more interactive experience , the manual itself integrates digital itineraries to complete the units. In addition, all the digital resources of NOS VEMOS HOY are available on Campus Diversión :

Interactive digital book
Mapped texts
Audios and videos
Spoken texts
Audio transcriptions
Digital itineraries
Self-correcting exams per unit
Annotated Teacher's Edition
Glossaries in English, French and Chinese

Published in 2021, paperback, 152 pages, 30x21cm.

ISBN 9788418625169

Authors - E. Ivorra

Publisher - Difusion

  • Publisher  Difusion
  • ISBN  9788418625169