Ruslan Russian 3: Set of 3 Audio CDs

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Ruslan Russian 3: Set of 3 Audio CDs.

A Communicative Russian Course by John Langran.

A set of 3 audio CDs to accompany the Ruslan Russian 3 Course Book

Ruslan Russian 3 is a communicative Russian course for advanced learners that follows from the popular Ruslan Russian 1 and 2 series.

These audio CDs include:

  • An exciting story-line
  • Features advanced levels of all four language skills
  • Insights into typical Russian life
  • Russian history and culture  

High quality recordings using 16 or more different voices. Incorporating recordings of selected songs and poems from the course.

Published in 2015, 3 audio CDs, 12.5x14.5cm.

ISBN 9781899785414

Publisher - Ruslan Limited