Ruslan Russian Songbook: 24 songs for learners. Book with Audio CD

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Ruslan Russian Songbook - book and audio CD.

24 songs for learners.

A collection of Russian folk songs, romances, war songs and songs from popular films of the 30's and 40's.

The songs are performed on the accompanying audio CD by students of the Gnessins Musical College in Moscow and colleagues.

The book contains the full text of the songs with musical notes, vocabularies and translations.

To learn Russian beyond a basic level you need to listen as much and and often as possible to examples of the language that you can understand. This is where songs come into their own. With this song book and audio CD you are able to listen again and again without getting bored, the tunes and words stick in your mind, the rhymes themselves use the grammatical endings and constructions you need to memorise and their is plenty of repetition throughout.

All except three of the musical scores of the melodies are given in this book. The others are available on the Ruslan website.


Published in 2003, paperback, 40 pages, 24.5x17cm.

ISBN 9781899785261

Publisher - Ruslan Limited

  • Publisher  Ruslan Russian
  • ISBN  9781899785261