Hurra! Po Polsku 1 WORKBOOK - Zeszyt cwiczen - 2022 edition

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Hurra! Po Polsku 1 workbook. Book & audio download (Zeszyt cwiczen).

Modern course for learning Polish.

Please note this 2022 second edition is a book with free audio download.


This workbook allows for independent study based on materials in the Student's

Grammar and vocabulary exercises.
Key to exercises.
Audio download (free) with audio materials for every lesson.
Transcriptions of the audio materials.


Published in 2022, 2nd edition, paperback, 140 pages, 27x21cm.

Authors - Malgorzata Malolepsza & Aneta Szymkiewicz

ISBN 9788396353078

Publisher - Prolog Language School

  • Publisher  Prolog Language School
  • ISBN