Communicate in Greek for Beginners (Book, CD + audio download) - English edition

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Communicate in Greek for Beginners (Book, CD + audio download)

Modern course for learning Greek.

English language edition.


An interesting, lively and thorough approach to Greek as it is spoken and written today

Written for English speaking learners of Greek, with English instructions and texts.

Exercise instructions, tips on grammar and other language points are given in English.

Latest updated edition.


The book contains -

- Dialogues.

- Texts.

- Oral exercises.

- Grammar and vocabulary exercises.

- Listening exercises.

- Grammar tables.

- Appendix in English containing explanatory notes on grammar and vocabulary together with some information on everyday life in Greece.

- Glossary with English translations.

- General instructions for the teacher.

- Key to the written and listening exercises.

Two workbooks available separately.

Book comes with the audio CD and a MP3 audio download is available from publisher website. 


Published in 2021, latest 4th edition, paperback, 297 pages, 26x20cm.

ISBN 9789607914385

Authors - Froso Arvanitaki & Kleanthis Arvanitakis

Publisher - Deltos Publishing

  • Publisher  Ekdoseis Deltos
  • ISBN  9789607914385