Campionato d’italiano + online resources. A2-B1

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Campionato d’italiano + online resources. A2-B1.

A2-B1 Levels.

Campionato d'Italia is aimed at foreign students and professional and non-professional foreign footballers who want to deepen their knowledge of the Italian language through football , art and Italian cuisine .

Ideal for Erasmus and non-European and non-European students.

The volume covers levels A2-B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

It presents linguistic-cultural elements useful in everyday communication situations and in those typically related to the football context .

Lots of material to enrich and integrate regular A2-B1 level courses .

Each lesson allows you to learn about Italian football through its history, its teams and main cities. A cultural journey to discover the Italian language and culture, enhancing themes and images.

Structure of the volume

The manual offers 12 units + 1 introductory.

Each unit is presented with richness and variety , lots of historical information and curiosities about football teams , society , culture , art and cuisine in Italy.

The numerous texts proposed are selected based on the contexts and lexical areas of interest for a specific and non-specific audience, accompanied by a great variety of exercises and activities for:

  • Oral production
  • Written production
  • Written comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Vocabulary activities

Italian Championship (A2-B1) includes:

  • Informative texts on football, cuisine and the artistic and architectural history of Italian cities
  • Different types of educational activities
  • Variety of cultural contents and curiosities;
  • Numerous ideas for interaction and research;
  • Activities to expand vocabulary and strengthen grammar;
  • Short and clear grammatical cards;
  • Glossaries on football and gastronomic technicalities;
  • Solutions for all activities.

A journey through 12 units that offer differentiated educational activities and numerous stimuli to delve deeper into various linguistic and cultural aspects .

Due to its structure, it can be used both in class and in self-study as the solutions to the exercises are also given at the end of the volume.

Published in 2022, paperback, 278 pages, 28x21cm.

ISBN 9786185554057

Authors - Massimo Maggini

Publisher - Ornimi

  • Publisher  Ornimi
  • ISBN  9786185554057