Explore 4 - Livre de l'élève (B1) - 9782017159315 - front cover

Explore 4 - Livre de l'élève (B1)

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Explore 4 - Livre de l'élève (B1)

Explore adapts to the needs of students and teachers.
Rich and modular resources, with " My course of... " (DNL) and " Culture and citizenship " pages , to respond to all class situations: heterogeneous levels, variable hours, class or distance work...
Playful and collaborative activities to promote interaction between students and mediation.
Themes and motivating documents, close to the interests of adolescents.
Linguistic work made easier thanks to toolboxes in the lessons, " Lexicon and Communication " and " Grammar and Verbs " pages and a very progressive approach to promote language discovery and memorization.

Published in 2022, paperback, 128 pages.

ISBN 9782017159315

Authors - Fabienne Gallon, Emilie Mathieu-Benoit, Anaïs Dorey, Adeline Gaudel

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782017159315