Grammaire expliquee du francais : Livre intermediaire - 9782090389876 - Front cover

Grammaire expliquee du francais : Livre intermediaire

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Grammaire expliquee du francais : Livre intermediaire.

B1-B2 Levels.

Grammar book in French as a foreign language (FLE), in the Explained collection , for older adolescents and adults, intermediate level (B1/B2).
Organized and methodical, this grammar work responds precisely, clearly and coherently to the questions of learners wishing to communicate orally and in writing.

  • In this 2nd revised and expanded edition:
  • Explanations reformulated more simply.
  • Updated examples, in line with contemporary French society.
  • Greater importance given to everyday oral language.
  • Greater visibility of the female gender.
  • A new section "In context" covering the grammar points studied in most often authentic texts.
  • An airy and illustrated model.

Published in 2019, paperback, 448 pages, 24x19.5cm.

ISBN 9782090389876

Authors -  Michèle Mahéo-Le Coadic, Reine Mimran & Sylvie Poisson-Quinton

Publisher - CLE International

  • Publisher  CLE International
  • ISBN  9782090389876