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Le Match de Thomas + audio download - LFF A1

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Le Match de Thomas + audio download - LFF A1.

A new one, Leo, arrives in Thomas's class. He is the son of the famous TV football presenter. Leo is quickly the star of the class, everyone dresses like him, listens to the same music as him. Thomas finds himself somewhat rejected, even by his best buddies, Kofi and Rémi. Yet he chooses to remain himself!

In the playground, the director calls the students one by one:
– Fifth 2! Ajard Sylvie…, Boyer Charlotte…, Crouse Thomas…
It's me. I cross the yard. My heart is beating fast! Back to school day is a special day. I am happy and at the same time a little worried. I have lots of questions in my head: what teachers am I going to have? who will be in my class?…
– Micquel Éva…, N'Dyaye Kofi…, Noujbel Leïla…
Kofi and Leïla run up to me.
- Great, we're in the same class! she says.
– Hush… listen to the continuation.
– Pradel Léo… Renoir Rémi…
Phew! Rémi is in our class. All four of us have been friends since elementary school. People call us “inseparable”!
– Léo Pradel, I don’t know him. Is it a new one? Kofi asks.
- Pradel... Pradel... that means something to me... said Leïla.

Published in 2009, paperback, 48 pages.

ISBN 9782011556813

Author - Nicolas Boyer

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782011556813