Les Loustics 3: Guide pédagogique - 9782011559173 - front cover

Les Loustics 3: Guide pédagogique - A2.1

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Les Loustics 3: Guide pédagogique.

Level A2.1.

The educational guide offers:
A detailed presentation of the method, its components and its methodological principles
Support for the use of the student's book (oral and written learning objectives, course of the lesson over the book and the notebook, transcriptions and corrections, indications to enrich the lesson, references assessment tools)
A play for the end of the year party
Sections: playing with Les Loustics to learn; use the Loustics image cards; read children's books
Photocopiable sheets useful for leading the class, implementing certain activities and carrying out projects.

Published in 2014, paperback, 208 pages.

ISBN 9782011559173

Authors - Marianne Capouet, Hugues Denisot

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782011559173