NUOVO Canta che ti passa + audio CD + online audio. A1-C1

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NUOVO Canta che ti passa + audio CD + online audio.

Level A1-C1.

NUOVO Canta che ti passa can be used both as a collection of supplementary activities to enrich and diversify lessons, and as a basic manual for elementary, intermediate and advanced levels (A1 – C1).

It is characterised by the variety of linguistic and cultural proposals and includes:

14 units based on 14 Italian songs.
extra section with projects and advice on how to work on music and songs.
paths on the use of music in the classroom.
mini guide for the teacher.
an audio CD with covers of the 14 songs and extra music.

For each song, a complete teaching unit is proposed with class activities, games, grammar and exercises. All the songs are accompanied with biographical notes and curiosities about the performers.

The audio CD (attached to the book) contains songs by Jovanotti, Irene Grandi, Nada, Francesco Tricarico, Gino Paoli, Nina Zilli, Enzo Jannacci, Franco Battiato, Ligabue, Tiziano Ferro, Simone Cristicchi, Giorgio Gaber and Mina.

Published in 2019, paperback, 192 pages.

ISBN 9788861822818

Authors - Ciro Massimo Naddeo, Paolo Torresan & Giuliana Trama

Publisher - ALMA Edizioni

  • Publisher  ALMA Edizioni
  • ISBN  9788861822818