Sésame 1 · Pack Livre de l'élève + Version numérique -  9782017139454 - front cover

Sésame 1 · Pack Livre de l'élève + Version numérique

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Sésame 1 · Pack Livre de l'élève + Version numérique

The Book + Digital Version Pack offer combines your paper manual and a download card for its digital version (24-month license). Why choose the Sesame method to teach French to pre-teens? Structure : 6 courses built around playful and motivating themes with:

3 lessons per course announced by a communicative objective in the form of a question.
A double page “I discover” / “My projects”
An escape game

But also appendices:
a visual grammar,
a mental map summarizing the achievements of the courses,
a talent quiz.

The method proposed by Sesame is simple and progressive , and the instructions are clear to allow you an easy action-oriented approach to French .
The themes developed are close to the daily world of pre-adolescents and are illustrated by documents from authentic sources .
The fun exercises adapt to the multiplicity of students' intelligences to allow them to be totally confident and to progress significantly and constantly.
Rich additional resources : 250 color cards to download to promote vocabulary learning and play many games in class.
The six escape games are collaborative to restore and test students' knowledge while stimulating them.
A large place is reserved for the oral to encourage the speaking of young adolescents so that the discovery of the language is more intuitive and the memorization easier.

Published in 2021, paperback, 80 pages.

ISBN 9782017139454

Authors - Hugues Denisot, Marianne Capouet 

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782017139454