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Jesper Lier, 20, has come to Berlin full of expectations: He hopes for an exciting life in the city of promise and for a fulminant start as a writer. Instead, he lives in a damp cellar on Prenzlauerberg, his novel ›The Fellow Sufferer‹ has turned into a monstrosity, and his aversion against society and the self-celebrating city has turned him into a loner. Jesper alternately consumes alcohol and sleeping pills and develops alarming daydreams. Until one day his friends Gustav and Frank turn up at his place and drag him out of his loneliness. For one crazy week, the three friends experience a Dionysian odyssey through Berlin during which Jesper not only bumps into the girl of his dreams but also many odd individuals and even his own literary characters. And they do not always mean well when they meet their author.

Published in 2009, paperback, 320 pages, 11.5x18cm.

ISBN 9783257243840

Publisher - Diogenes 

Author - Benedict Wells

  • Publisher  DIOGENES
  • ISBN  9783257243840