Via della Grammatica A1-B2 + online access code - ITALIAN LANGUAGE EDITION

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Via della Grammatica + online access code - ITALIAN LANGUAGE EDITION.

A1-B2 Levels.

INCLUDES i-d-e-e code for online interactive exercises and other resources.

PLEASE NOTE - THIS IS THE ITALIAN LANGUAGE VERSION (THERE IS NO ENGLISH TEXT IN THE BOOK) - There is also an English language version of this book for sale on our website. 

Via della Grammatica is a modern Italian grammar in full colour, spread over 40 units, each dealing with one or more grammatical subjects followed by stimulating and motivating activities as well as review tests every 5 units.

Vocabulary is introduced gradually and reflects the current use of Italian language; the new semantic groups are presented jointly with their visual image.

The authentic texts on various cultural and literal aspects present in the volume give the students the possibility to enrich and deepen their knowledge of Italian society, history and culture.

The keys at the back of the book make it also suitable for self-learning.

The book contains a unique access code that gives access to the interactive version of the exercises (384 in total) and to innovative study tools on the online platform .

Published in 2011, paperback, 312 pages, 21x28cm.

ISBN 9789606930478

Publisher - Edilingua

Author - Mina Ricci

  • Publisher  Edilingua
  • ISBN  9789606930478