Cestina Expres START / Czech Expres START course + audio download

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Czech Expres START / Cestina Expres START course.

A preparatory course for the study of Czech as a second language.

With free audio download.

The content of all seven chapters is focused on the sphere of everyday practical life.

Students become familiar with the objects that surround them (description of the classroom and room or items of common use) and learn to navigate the environment they encounter on a daily basis (shopping, orientation).

Includes sections on solving crisis situations (calling a doctor, police or firemen) and basic understanding in negotiations with the authorities, including filling in forms.

Unlike regular textbooks, this book works with elements of the direct method, without an explicit formulation of grammatical rules.

Full colour printing throughout.

Part of the Cestina Expres / Czech Expres series.

Includes free downloads - audio recordings and teacher's manual with online activities.


Published in 2022, paperback, 96 pages, 29x23cm.

ISBN 9788074704406

Authors - Lida Hola

Publisher - Akropolis

  • Publisher  Akropolis
  • ISBN  9788074704406