Portugues em Foco 1 - Caderno de Exercicios + audio download (A1/A2)

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Portugues em Foco 1 - Caderno de Exercicios + audio download.

Levels A1/A2.

The Workbook presents a varied set of exercises that make the connection to the Student`s Book, complementing what is worked on in the units. Thus, students can use this exercise book during class or as work to be done outside of class.

The Exercise Book provides varied vocabulary exercises, linked to each theme and in context; authentic dialogues and texts, produced to work on the contents of each unit; exercises with acts of speech in context; games and activities; dynamic grammar exercises to deepen acquired knowledge.

At the end, the key answers for all the exercises are included.

Includes free audio download.

Published in 2023, paperback, 80 pages, 19.5x25cm.

ISBN 9789897524936

Publisher - Lidel

Authors - Luísa Coelho, Carla Oliveira & João Malaca Casteleiro

  • Publisher  LIDEL
  • ISBN  9789897524936