Zulu Proverbs: Zulu-English-English

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Zulu Proverbs: Zulu-English-English.

134 Zulu proverbs, presented as the proverb in Zulu, then the translation in English, then a comprehensive description/explanation of that proverb in English (see sample pages).

Pages 1-48 cover the introduction, origin of proverbs, form and technique, rhythm in proverbs, content and teaching of Zulu proverbs, classification and the proverbs and their meanings.

Pages 49-238 cover the proverbs and their meanings.


Published in 1990, this is the 2000 reprint, paperback, 238 pages, 21x13cm.

ISBN 9780796002303

Author - Nyembezi, C.L.S.

Publisher - Shuter & Shooter

  • Publisher  Shuter & Shooter
  • ISBN  9780796002303