in alto! A2 + online audio + videogrammatica

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in alto! A2 + online audio + videogrammatica.

A2 Level.

It is the second volume of the course and is aimed at A2 level students .

Consisting of 10 units + 1 introductory unit in which varied and motivating activities are proposed, with moments of pure fun, aimed at discovering the language. The learner is in fact constantly invited to do language to do with language, inside and outside the classroom, from the early stages of learning, from a communicative and intercultural perspective.

It is conceived around a story that presents the events of three foreign boys who study in Italy and the relationships they have with native speakers.

The input text, after the global understanding phase, is analysed in its lexical component in the Word-by-word section and in its communicative component in the What do you say for... section. Subsequently, the grammatical structures inherent to the communicative functions expressed by the specific lexicon and previously identified are isolated and systematized in The structures of language .
In addition to lexical, functional and structural analysis, the Inside the text section is reserved in each unit for textual analysis.

Finally, Italy in pills , dedicated to the in-depth study of cultural aspects , introduces texts created for native speakers.

Structure of the teaching unit:

  • Introductory page. A page to get in touch with the unit in a simple way.
  • Contextualization of linguistic phenomena, presented within semi-authentic texts that highlight their real communicative meaning.
  • Summary mind maps at the conclusion of each unit.
  • My vocabulary. A section dedicated to the general systematization of the lexicon.
  • My grammar . The learner is subsequently guided to the gradual structuring of linguistic norms, analysed in grammatical cards.
  • Videogrammar with whiteboarding. A series of animated videos to be used for verification during the systematization phases of grammatical structures.
  • Italy in a nutshell. The section dedicated to in-depth cultural aspects introduces texts created for native speakers.
  • 5 Intermediate tests.
  • 4 Self-evaluation sheets to encourage reflection on one's own learning methods.
  • Audio download with all the listening tracks of the units.
  • Exercises with keys to promote individual study.

Extra and free course components:

  • Animated videogram
  • An online teacher's guide, full of valuable advice and suggestions for better use of the book (in preparation)
  • Exercises and extra online materials (in preparation).

Published in 2023, paperback, 280 pages, 28.5x21cm.

ISBN 9786188492738

Authors - Fiorenza Quercioli & Guilia Tossani

Publisher - Ornimi

  • Publisher  Ornimi
  • ISBN  9786188492738