Odos Grammatikis - EXERCISE BOOK

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Odos Grammatikis - EXERCISE BOOK.

It supplements the book Odos Grammatikis as a tool of practice for those who are learning Greek as a second or foreign language.

It may also be useful for the teachers who seek material for their students to apply the theory.

The book can be used both in combination with the basic book or independently.

Greek title - Οδός Γραμματικής Τετράδιο Ασκήσεων.

NOTE - all text is in Greek language - there is no English language in this book.

Published in 2020, paperback, 160 pages, 28x20.5cm.

ISBN 9789607914453

Authors - Efi Kapoula, Machi Montzoli and Nikos Roumpis

Publisher - Deltos Publishing

  • Publisher  Ekdoseis Deltos
  • ISBN  9789607914453