Perfetto! 2 (B1-B2) Italian grammar exercises

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Perfetto! 2 (B1-B2) Italian grammar exercises.

B1-B2 Levels.

The second volume of the Perfetto series is in preparation.

It will be aimed at all students who want to reach and deepen the beginner (B1) and elementary (B2) levels of the CEFR.

Perfect! 2 offers teaching materials that cover all the needs of a foreign student who wants to acquire a good level of intermediate/advanced competence, starting from the living language of native speakers, in a stimulating, captivating and playful way.

A workbook that adapts to any manual.

Published in 2020, paperback, 176 pages, 28x21cm

ISBN 9786188458680

Authors - Gennaro Falcone & Tina Zogopoulou

Publisher - Ornimi

  • Publisher  Ornimi
  • ISBN  9786188458680