Prima - Los geht's! · Deutsch für Kinder Band 2 - 9783065206266 - Front cover

Prima - Los geht's! · Deutsch für Kinder Band 2

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Prima - Los geht's! · Deutsch für Kinder Band 2.

A1 Level.

Let's go! Learn German in a playful way with five friends and dog Socke.

The Prima textbook – let’s get started! is aimed at children aged around eight and above who are learning German as a first or second foreign language. Eight clearly structured units in the textbook guide you through German lessons with age-related topics, colorful illustrations, regional insights, movement games, songs and humorous comics. Regular repetition phases with games and animated films also ensure the children's motivation as well as joy and success in learning.

  • Insights into the lives of children in the DA-CH countries
  • Playful task types that help build communicative language skills
  • Movement games and songs that automate newly learned structures
  • Integrated phonetics for clear pronunciation right from the start
  • Suggestions for project work 
  • Clear summary of the grammar for each unit
  • Comics at the end of each unit that develop reading skills in small steps
  • Exciting mini-projects in which the children can develop and present content together in a language-oriented manner
  • Repetition is important: In the “small breaks” after every second unit, the students apply what they have learned again in a playful way.

The audios for the textbook are available for free as an MP3 download at

Published in 2023, paperback, 80 pages, 29.5x21cm.

ISBN 9783065206266

Authors - Valman, Giselle; Obradovic, Aleksandra; Sperling, Susanne; Ciepielewska-Kaczmarek, L.; Lundquist-Mog, Angelika

Publisher - Cornelsen, Germany

  • Publisher  Cornelsen
  • ISBN  9783065206266