Perfetto! 1 (A1-A2) Italian grammar exercises

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Perfetto! 1 (A1-A2) Italian grammar exercises.

A1-A2 Levels.

The first Perfetto! Series, aimed at students and scholars who want to acquire and deepen their knowledge of A1 (basic knowledge), A2 (basic knowledge) of the Italian language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Perfetto! 1 presents the following characteristics:

It consists of two parts, part 1 (A1 level) and part 2 (A2 level).

Each part of it consists of teaching modules and a repetitive test

  • Online there are analytical grammar tables available for counseling on any particularity or difficulty
  • It includes solutions at the end of the book that make it suitable for self-study
  • There is a descriptive illustration that sensitizes conceptual understanding
  • There is a varied and modern typology of exercises that keep the student's interest alive
  • You can find intermediate iterative test (every 3 units)
  • There is 1 final iteration test for each part of the manual.

Perfetto! 1 is a suitable manual for those who want to acquire a good level of knowledge of the Italian language (A1-A2), starting from everyday language and modern expressions, in an encouraging, enchanting and entertaining way.

The manual is perfectly combined with any reading book and methodology.

It is a required aid for the acquisition of Italian language diplomas (Celi - Università di Perugia, Diploma, Cils - Università di Siena).

Published in 2023, paperback, 144 pages, 28x21cm.

ISBN 9786188458673

Authors - Gennaro Falcone& Tina Zogopoulou

Publisher - Ornimi

  • Publisher  Ornimi
  • ISBN  9786188458673