Logisch! neu A1 - Deutsch für Jugendliche - Kursbuch mit Audios - 9783126052016 - Front Cover

Logisch! neu A1 - Deutsch für Jugendliche - Kursbuch mit Audios

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Logisch! neu A1 - Deutsch für Jugendliche - Kursbuch mit Audios.

A1 Level.

Logical! new A1 is aimed at young German learners without previous knowledge and is also suitable for lessons with a small number of hours per week. The book leads to level A1. It corresponds to the learning goals in the youth test Fit in German 1, KID A1 and also the framework plan "German as a foreign language" for schools abroad. A clique of young people makes it possible to learn German with fun and emotion through episodes and stories. Some tasks and pages can be linked and illustrated with a film sequence. The DVD with short, entertaining and learner-activating videos on learning strategies can be found in the teacher's manual.

Includes - 

clearly structured learning paths and a communicative integrated grammar
Evaluation pages for self-assessment of learning progress
training of all skills
playful exercises on the most important vocabulary at the end of each chapter
Suggestions for language comparison and projects
Notes on copy templates for interdisciplinary learning (CLIL)
4 training chapters with targeted preparation for the “Fit in Deutsch 1” exam
detailed grammar overviews
playful exercises on regional studies (DA-CH)
all audio texts and pronunciation training as audios for download

Paperback, 128 pages.

ISBN 9783126052016

Publisher - Klett

AuthorS - Stefanie Dengler, Cordula Schurig, Sarah Fleer, Anna Hila, Michael Koenig, Ute Koithan & Theo Scherling

  • Publisher  Klett
  • ISBN  9783126052016