Das Leben · Deutsch als Fremdsprache - 9783061219666 - Front cover

Das Leben · Deutsch als Fremdsprache - Allgemeine Ausgabe · A1: Teilband 1

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Das Leben · Deutsch als Fremdsprache - Allgemeine Ausgabe · A1: Teilband 1.

A1.1 Level.

Life makes it easy for adult learners to get started with the German language: The textbook ensures a good mood and learning success from the very first lesson - for motivating and varied DaF lessons in your A1 course! 

The course and exercise book contains a printed license code for free activation of the e-book and the interactive exercises on mein.cornelsen.de. The media can be accessed via click points on the book page.
You can play all media for the textbook such as audios, videos, texts and interactive exercises using the free Cornelsen PagePlayer app or stream and download them in the web codes at cornelsen.de/codes.

This is Life A1

  • Attractive magazine pages with real-life topics invite your learners to discover
  • Varied tasks promote interaction and get your learners talking quickly
  • First literary texts make it easy to try out the German language
  • In video karaoke, learners practice speaking fluently in real dialogue situations
  • The extensive video offering , including the Deutsche Welle video series Nico's Way, combines entertainment with effective language learning

This is what awaits you in the course and exercise book

  • In the course book part of the integrated course and exercise book, new topics, communicative scenarios, linguistic actions, learning strategies, words and grammar are introduced.
  • The exercises in the exercise book section follow the respective course book unit and serve to independently repeat and deepen vocabulary and structures. Additional interactive exercises via the PagePlayer app allow you to further deepen what you have learned.
  • The plateaus after every fourth unit provide a varied learning opportunity: in-depth exercises and games, literature and video exercises on Nico's Way, the Deutsche Welle video series. Here, linguistic actions and grammar structures from the previous units are consolidated with different exercise formats.

Published in 2022, paperback, 157 pages, 29.5x21cm.

ISBN 9783061219666

Authors - Hermann Funk, Christina Khun, Laura Nielsen & Rita Von Eggeling

Publisher - Cornelsen, Germany

  • Publisher  Cornelsen
  • ISBN  9783061219666