English-Finnish Dictionary of Idioms

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English-Finnish Dictionary of Idioms.

Over 10,000 key idioms. The most important idiomatic phrase verbs have also been collected.

Idioms are grouped according to alphabetical main keywords. Clear pronunciation instructions and word category information are provided for the main keywords.

In addition to the Finnish equivalents, information on regional and usage styles has also been provided for idioms.

Genuine usage examples based on English-language databases (including the British National Corpus) and dictionary sources help the language learner to incorporate the phrases into their own active language skills.

All example sentences have also been translated into Finnish.

Published in 2014, paperback, 624 pages, 18.5x12.5cm.

ISBN 9789512096596

Publisher - Gummerus, Finland

  • Publisher  Gummerus
  • ISBN  9789512096596