Explore 2 - Cahier d'activités (A1-A2) - 9782017112730 - front cover

Explore 2 - Cahier d'activités (A1-A2)

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Explore 2 - Cahier d'activités.

Level A1-A2.

A color activity book that follows the student's book and its 6 thematic units. Each unit includes:
3 “Glossary and Communication” pages,
3 pages “Grammar and Verb”,
1 self-assessment double page,
1 “Strategy” page at the end of each unit to support students in their choice of learning methods.

As well as:
1 DELF -type assessment every two units,
In appendices: a thematic glossary to be translated
Maps of France and the Francophonie
Access to the digital course offered with more than 100 self-correcting activities

Published in 2021, paperback, 80 pages.

ISBN 9782017112730

Authors - Fabienne Gallon, Celine Himber

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782017112730