Italiano in cinque minuti. Volume 2 - B1/B2

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Italiano in cinque minuti - volume 2. 

B1 - B2 Levels.

Italian in five minutes - volume 2 is a workbook aimed at level B1 - B2 students .

It offers the opportunity to practice grammar and engage with vocabulary through a series of quick, concise and motivating exercises. 

Each grammatical topic can be practiced quickly and on the most varied occasions: in class, in self-study, but also immediately before an exam or at the bus stop.

Particular attention is paid to the lexicon: the lexical contents - idioms, routine expressions, idiomatic expressions - are presented according to criteria in line with the most recent reflections in language teaching, proposing a modern vision of the language, aimed at developing the active lexicon of each student.

120 pages, paperback.

ISBN 9788861820791

Authors - Gianluca Aprile , Filippo Graziani  & Giuliana Trama

Publisher - ALMA Edizioni

  • Publisher  ALMA Edizioni
  • ISBN  9788861820791