Lao for Beginners Course - Book

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Lao for Beginners Course - Book.

  • Lao for Beginners teaches all four language skills - listening (when used with the audio CDs), and speaking, reading and writing. 
  • It offers clear, easy, step-by-step instruction, building on what has been previously learned. 
  • Lao for Beginners introduces you to Lao culture, customs and much more and is written in a brisk, interesting style using beautiful Lao script. 
  • This book is effective for independent self-study or classroom use.
  • Each chapter introduces useful vocabulary, followed by realistic conversations, hands-on writing practices and many exercises.
  • Note this is the book only - we also sell the audio CDs and pack.

Published in 2009, 2nd edition, paperback, 264 pages, 21x14.5cm.

ISBN 9781887521871

Authors - Becker, B.P. & Simmala, B.

Publisher - Paiboon Publishing

  • Publisher  Paiboon Publishing
  • ISBN  9781887521871