L'île aux 30 cercueils - LFF A2 - 9782016286692 - Front cover

L'île aux 30 cercueils - LFF A2 + online audio

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L'île aux 30 cercueils - LFF A2 + online audio.

Coming to Brittany to discover the meaning of a strange inscription, Véronique d'Hergemont finds herself face to face with her image as a crucified woman. She will have to face a Breton island guarded by thirty rocks, an ancient legend, a stone that gives life and death... Fortunately, her son, the dog Tout-va-Bien and even Arsène Lupine are there to help her face the curse!

Published in 2023, paperback, 96 pages, 20x13.5cm.

ISBN 9782016286692

Author - Maurice LEBLANC

Publisher - Hachette

  • Publisher  Hachette
  • ISBN  9782016286692