Qua e là per l’Italia + online audio. B1-C1

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Qua e là per l’Italia + online audio.

Level B1-C1.

Qua e là per l’Italia offers a journey through the twenty Italian regions, presenting their customs, habits, traditions, geography and culture.

The text is aimed at intermediate level students (B1) who want to improve their knowledge of the Italian language and reach the advanced level (C1).

In each chapter, authentic texts taken from newspapers, magazines, books, websites and audio interviews are proposed which present peculiar aspects of the individual regions, in order to encourage the reader to deepen their knowledge of Italian culture.

With free online audio.

Published in 2020, paperback, 192 pages.

ISBN 9788861820388

Authors - Linda Cusimano & Luciana Ziglio

Publisher - ALMA Edizioni

  • Publisher  ALMA Edizioni
  • ISBN  9788861820388